10 Best Siberian Husky Names and Their Meanings

Meaning "powerful," Kodiak reflects the strength and determination of the Siberian Husky breed.


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Kodiak (Alaskan origin)

Symbolizing the moon, Luna represents the Husky's mysterious and alluring nature.


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Luna (Latin origin)

A name suited for Huskies with striking markings, Blaze signifies their fiery spirit and adventurous personality.


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Blaze (English origin)

Meaning "friend," Koda embodies the loyal and affectionate nature of Siberian Huskies.


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Koda (Native American)

Inspired by the Northern Lights, Aurora symbolizes the Husky's captivating beauty and enchanting aura.


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Aurora (Scandinavian)

Named after the mischievous god, Loki suits Huskies known for their playful and cunning behavior.


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Loki (Norse origin)

A name associated with a goddess of love and beauty, Freya captures the grace and elegance of the Husky breed.


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Freya (Nordic origin)

Perfect for independent and fearless Huskies, Maverick reflects their non-conformist nature.


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Maverick (American)

Meaning "polar bear," Nanuk pays homage to the Husky's Arctic origins and resilience in harsh conditions.


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Nanuk (Inuit origin)

Symbolizing a "new star," Nova represents the Husky's bright and radiant personality that lights up any room.


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Nova (Latin origin)

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